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"Vistani Seer," by Talon Dunning
A Vistani Seer

The Vistani are a human sub-race of gypsy wanderers who centuries ago adopted the Land of the Mists as their home. It in turn has adopted them, granting them several unique abilities that command respect and inspire fear. It is possible that their place or origin either is lost to them or is mythical. It is suggested that they can still venture beyond the Land of the Mists and they have been encountered on Gothic Earth in particular.

The Vistani are a stateless ethnic group, tightly bound together by ties of blood and of culture. Individual vistani are not assigned a nationality even if the state of their birth is known. A vistani baby adopted by a family of giorgio or one raised by its parents within the confines a single domain would, however, be assigned a nationality. The Vistani are rigorously divided into three tasques and further subdivided into several tribes.

In 4th edition, Vistani can be found in many worlds, and are planar wanderers. Vistani outside of Ravenloft adopt like minded people of any race into their clan. A sidebar mentions that the DM can limit membership in the Vistani to certain races if it makes sense for the campaign world,Speculation.png a hint that in Ravenloft, the vistani may remain all human and bound by blood, not adoption.



Evil Eye

The Sight

The Omen Watchers, based in Sidnar, study the prophecies of the Vistani.

Bigotry Against Vistani

The hunting of Vistani is the passion of Malocchio Aderre, who is in fact one-eighth vistani through his mother. No Vistana is safe within Invidia or in the immediate vicinity of its borders. Others certainly would like to harm vistani, the Syndicate of Enlightened Citizens for example, but few dare not do so directly and have difficulty finding proxies, such is the fear of the evil eye and the curse that lies in wait on the Vistani tongue. Monsters even seem to have some appreciation of the risks and prefer to seek out less dangerous prey.Netbook-captioned.pngAn exception is the fiend Credimori who is a sworn enemy of the Vistani, but his methods are subtle, fermenting bigotry against them in places so devoid of education or good sense that his victims are unconstrained by the honestly earned reputation of the Vistani for dire retribution.[1]


It is said that one finds the vistani only when they wish to be found. As they are a nomadic people with a mobility unequaled by any other race in existence, the vistani can conceivably be found just about any where. The one place where they keep a near permanent camp is beside the Tser pool near the village of Barovia. The presence of Vistani may also be divined by spotting Vista-Chiri, a species of bird that follow Vistani caravans.

In Literature

The Blind Gypsy

John W. Mangrum's Vistani Lore[2]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (local) or Knowledge (Ravenloft) can learn more about the Vistani. When a character makes a successful skill check, the following lore is revealed, including the information from lower DCs.

DC Result

  • 11 This aloof, colorfully dressed stranger is one of the Vistani, a mysterious, nomadic folk. This result reveals all humanoid traits and the human subtype.
  • 16 The Vistani are infamous for their ability to cast the evil eye or terrible curses on anyone who cross them. They have no respect for the laws of any society but their own.
  • 21 Vistani can navigate the Mists, and can lead others to any destination. Female Vistani possess the Sight, allowing them to see the future. The Vistani are usually willing to provide their services to non-Vistani, for a price. Vistani speak a patchwork language called patterna, but they often know other languages as well.
  • 26 Although Vistani are always on the move, a semi-permanent camp can be found at the foot of the Tser Falls, in the shadow of Castle Ravenloft in Barovia. The Vistani sell an antidote for the poisonous fog that surrounds the Village of Barovia.
  • 31 The Vistani must always stay on the move. If they abandon their nomadic ways, they destroy the strange magic that grants them their powers. Vistani are divided into several “tasques,” or nations. Members of each tasque specialize in different skills and talents.
  • 36 The Vistani fear a legendary foe called the Dukkar. Any male Vistana with the Sight is fated to become a Dukkar unless quickly put to death.


  • 475 BC - Madame Eva's grandson Petya brings Jander Sunstar to the Tser Camp. After Eva detects his vampire nature, she forbids him from ever coming back and marks him as a foe of her people should they meet again. She also informs Petya and Maruschka of Jander's unnatural nature.[8]
  • 477 BC Maruschka comes into the full Sight. [9]
  • 720 BC-722 BC - Magda Kulchevich spends two years fleeing from Gundarakite bounty hunters and the minions of Duke Gundar. Along the way, she begins gathering aa group Vistani followers that will eventually become the inter-tribe group known as the Wanderers.[18]
  • 746 BC - Nikolas is assaulted and beaten by some miners from the Veidrava Salt Mines. Inza witnesses it but tells nobody until after the search is on. Inza gloats to Piotr, believing he will share in the enjoyment of Nikolas' suffering. Piotr is appalled and tells the search party of Nikolas' predicament, but not Inza's betrayal. Inza lies about Piotr being the one who witnessed the beating. Piotr is almost exiled, but Nikolas interjects on his behalf. Still, Inza escapes with her treachery unpunished.[36]
  • 750 BC - Midyear Gabrielle Aderre and the Gundarakite rebels capture Castle Hunadora. Her hold on the Gundarakite rebels is strong, and they rebuke Malocchio's retaliation. Stymied against the rebels, Malocchio turns his eyes back to his pogrom against the Vistani[45]
  • 750 BC - Under Malocchio Aderre, Invidia negotiates a military alliance with Falkovnia. Aderre employs Falkovnian soldiers to boost his mercenary forces and help exterminate the Vistani.[46]
  • 752 BC - Inza Kulchevich betrays the Wanderers. She sabotages Gard using Novgor. She then instigates the salt shadows to attack the Wanders' camp. Gard's power fails, and it shatters as Magda Kulchevich tries to protect her tribe. She perishes in the battle. Following the attack, Inza manipulates some of Malocchio's ogres into attacking the surviving Wanderers in order to gain the personal protection of Lord Soth.[49]
  • 752 BC - The Night of Screaming Shadows Shortly after Madga Kulchevich's death, Azrael Dak enacts his ritual to gain control of Sithicus's shadows. However, he is disrupted by Ganelon. The shadows coalesce and besiege Nedragaard Keep, tearing it apart and seemingly destroying Soth.[47] Inza's treachery is revealed to Nabon and the three remaining Wanderers. To escape their wrath, she jumps into the Great Chasm, right into the thick of the gathering darkness. She survives the impact but becomes the new darklord of Sithicus. The Wanderers swear revenge.[50]
  • 757 BC - The incursion of Malocchio's mercenaries into Borca drives Ivan Dilisnya up the wall. By this year, he has commissioned his own killers for hire to terminate any Invidians that come over the border looking for Vistani.[53]

The Vistani on Gothic Earth

The Vistani exist on Gothic Earth much as they do in Ravenloft.[55] On Gothic Earth, they function as a Chaotic Neutral qabal. However. they are split into no less than twenty-four tribes (as presented in the original Masque of the Red Death and Other Tales boxed set. The tribes are differentiated only by a vague symbology rather than precise identification symbols as with other qabals.[56] As of the 3rd Edition hardback book version of the campaign setting, the Vistani are but a singular clan of much smaller numbers than in the Land of Mists. This version of the Vistani cherish giomorgo children much more than they do elsewhere.[57]

The connection between the Vistani of Ravenloft and the Vistani of Gothic Earth have varied by game source. In the 2nd Edition Masque of the Red Death and Other Tales boxed set, what connection (if any) the Gothic Earth Vistani may have to their counterparts in Land of Mists are unknown. If the Gothic Earth Vistani have knowledge of their relatives in the Land of Mists, they have never discussed it with those outside their kin. The Vistani have their practitioners of magic- adepts (usually qabalists) or mystics (usually mediums.) Their spells. psychic abilities, and magical powers seem unaffected by the Red Death.[55]

On the other hand in the 3rd Edition hardback book version of the campaign setting, the Vistani came through a a dimensional hole opened by the conjuration the Red Death to Gothic Earth[58] from the Demiplane of Dread.[59] The Vistani seer Neferi led her people from the Land of Mists into the sands of Ancient Egypt. Yet this knowledge has been forgotten by all save for a tiny handful of lorekeepers, even among the Vistani.[60]


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