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A infamous Vistana dukkar who forsaw the Grand Conjunction and wrote a poem of six lines known as Hyskosa's Hexad describing the events that would precede it.

For a time (during the events of From the Shadows), Hyskosa was imprisoned in the dungeons of Castle Avernus. He may or may not have become a spirit to deliver his prophecy to agents who were to fulfill it.[1]

Although Hyskosa was perhaps the greatest (or at least, the most well-known) of all the Vistani seers[2], he had no special combat or spellcasting abilities to speak of.[3]

Hyskosa is the brother of Soldani[2], a man whom actively took steps to fulfill Hyksosa's prophecy.[4] They were both members of the Tribe of Hyskosa, a tribe severely punished for their inability to prevent Hyksosa from making his prophecy.[5]

The Vistani claim that Hyskosa is now deceased, but he will return some day.[6]


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