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Overall Guidelines

  • Please respect the copyrights of the publishers - The Ravenloft setting is not currently supported by Wizards of the Coast, and all of the source material is out of print, but that does not give us the right to republish the material. Please summarize in your own words, and limit direct quotes. Do not upload copyrighted pictures, but limit pictures to those which are copyright-free, or that you have created yourself, or that you find on fraternityofshadows.com, or that you have express permission from the artist to republish. EXCEPTION: it is our understanding that cover art may be used under the fair use clause when discussing the contents of a book for review purposes.
  • Please do not edit anything that says DO NOT EDIT - The contents of The Ravenloft Catalogue were used to build the initial wiki. The text labelled as "CATALOGUE IMPORT" needs to remain in order for future imports from the catalogue to work properly. (The catalogue will remain live and will hopefully slowly be completed). However, the "See Also" information from the Catalogue has been imported and labelled as WIKISEEDs. Feel free to edit these WIKISEEDs into full-fledged articles and remove the WIKISEED label. EXCEPTION: Category links may be edited wherever they appear, even in areas that say DO NOT EDIT.
  • Please keep things on topic - All aspects of Ravenloft are fair game, including Masque of the Red Death. But there are other places to discuss horror in general, or D&D in general, so if it's not Ravenloft-related, don't post it here. Please don't post advertising. Please don't post a rambling account of your day, unless you spent it in Ravenloft.
  • Please clearly label non-canon material - Do not post the events of your home campaign as though they were canon fact. By all means, please do post them, but keep non-canon material clearly indicated as such. In general, in each article, canon facts should be detailed first, then non-canon info from netbooks, then all other non-canon info. See Levels of Canon for a more in-depth treatment of Canon.
  • Please keep text out-of-character - We know how fun it is to immerse yourself in the world and use an in-character mouthpiece, but for the purposes of this wiki, it will be less confusing if everything is kept in a single out-of-character voice.
  • Please be nice - We all have our favorite parts of the setting and our... less favorite parts. Please don't put any judgments on the quality of any source, author, or element of the setting here in the wiki.

Editing Guidelines


  • Whenever possible, pages should start with a link to their own name. (For example: Skippy von Zarovich's page should start with "[[Skippy von Zarovich]] is a nonexistent vampire used as an example...") This link will be converted by the wiki software into bold text, but serves as a useful spellcheck.


For further information, see Mistipedia:Categorization_Guidelines
  • Category versus Page - Certain entries should be Categories instead of individual pages. Anything that represents a group of things rather than a single thing should be a Category. Namely, Societies and Monster Species are groups of individual NPCs, even if there are no known individuals in that group, or only one unique NPC. To make linking easier, all Society and Monster categories should have a matching page that redirects to the category.
Example: Category:Goblyn is a category, even though they may all seem interchangeable. They aren't. See Herrd ApKie, a Goblyn NPC. (And Goblyn is a page that redirects to the category.) Are we really likely to have an individual Scavyt or Carrion Stalker as an NPC? No, but to be consistent, every species is a category. Also keep in mind, that we are allowing non-canon additions to the wiki, and you never know what some crazy DM has done.
  • Category names are singular - usually - For the most part, categories should be named as a singular noun. The exception is for society categories, (including families and other subcategories of Category:Society. They should be named with the name of the group, which may be plural.
Example: Category:Book, not Category:Books. But Category:Seekers of the Spark, not Category:Seeker of the Spark.
  • Places and NPCs are not Categories - To avoid circular categories and other confusion, NPCs and Locations should be individual pages.
Example: Theokos is in Category:Nidalan, not Category:Nidala. Category:Nidala does not exist.

More to come..

  1. See Category:Fiend for why it's not in Category:Outsider.