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The Order of the Guardians is a secret society dedicated to putting dangerous magical items, artifacts, relics, and tomes of arcane lore safely beyond use. Members of the order may take levels in the prestige class Guardian Seeker. The group has bases in Darkon[1], Hazlan[2], Barovia[3], Tepest[3],Potential-captioned.pngMordent,Netbook-captioned.pngSithicus[4], andCanon-captioned.pngMarkovia[5]. In Hazlan it guards the Iron Flask of Tuerny[2][6],Potential-captioned.pngin Mordent it guards the Transubstancial Halo, and inNetbook-captioned.pngSithicus it guards the Shadow Serpent.[4] The Watchers at the Gate watch over the Key to the Abyss in Darkon.[1]

Two branches originate in Markovia. Those at The Monastery of the Lost guard the Tablet of Life[5][7], and a sect of the Order known only as The Guardians protected The Tapestry of Dark Souls[5] until is destruction in 735 BC.[8] The latter group disbanded following the destruction of the artifact, with the former head of their organization, Brother Dominic, going on to found the sect of the Order guarding the Iron Flask.[2]


The Order is a monastic order and a hermetic order. Some sources say this is an order of monks[5], but these refer to the work "monk" in the sense of being a monastic rather than the monk character class. The Guardian Seeker prestige class assumes the ability for divine spellcasting, and the Order of the Guardian Kit assumes membership in the Priest category of classes[5] (a 2nd Edition grouping which included clerics, druids, and specialty priests.) However, individuals may not even necessarily need to meet those qualifications to join the organization, as at least two members (Brother Leo and Jonathan) have joined with skills knowing only how to cast wizard spells.[9]

The Order is divided into several cells, each one presiding primarily over the research, containment, and destruction of a separate magic item or artifact of an evil or dangerous nature. However, they may call their agents to bring in new ones for observation and research from time to time. Many Guardians are of a decidedly curious nature.[5]

Recruitment and Recognition

Prospective members do not consciously choose to join the Order. Rather, they follow a quasi-mystical compulsion sort of feeling that brings them upon the Order's doorstep. This calling is, appropriately enough, referred to as the Calling.[5][9]

Guardians recognize each other by their typical dress: heavy gray robes with face-concealing hoods that obscure their individual features.[5]


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