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Yagno Petrovna is the darklord, temporal leader, and spiritual leader of G'Henna. He is the high priest and founder of the Church of Zhakata.[1][2][3] Although Zhakata is and was always a product of Yagno's delusion, the Dark Powers have granted him as much priestly power as any follower of a true deity may have.[4][5]

By Yagno's command, the people of G'Henna live austere lives following the aspect of Zhakata known as Zhakata the Devourer.[6] In the theology of this aspect, fasting and even starvation are seen as sacred, so the people starve as the priests of Zhakata handle food distribution.[7][6] Although an aspect of Zhakata known as Zhakata the Provider was once tolerated, but Yagno declared this aspect as heresy. Heretics are frequently brought before Yagno to be transformed into mongelmen.[6]


Early Life

Yagno Petrovna was born in Barovia in 674 BC.[4][6] He had not less than one sister and two brothers. Although bright, he was born with neither the vitality nor the strength typical of his family, and was moreover clumsy and painfully thin. Throughout his childhood and youth, he was bullied and beaten by his brothers. The Petrovna family had belonged to the nobility of Barovia (Prime Material Plane) and perhaps remained part of the nobility of Barovia three centuries later.[8] It had, however, isolated itself in the mountains and had succumbed, at least to a degree, to the evils of inbreeding.[4][6]

Yagno, among a family that probably had more than its fair share of madness, was himself deemed to be deranged.[4][6] He both conversed with and trembled before non-existent creatures.[6] One night in 696 BC, he was locked out in the Barovian night by his older brother Yoshtoi. Terrified, he ultimately took shelter in a small cave where he eventually succumbed to exhaustion and sleep.[9]

In the morning, Yagno found the word Zhakata scrawled upon it wall. He imagined that Zhakata was a god that had protected him from the creatures of the night and he entered gladly into the service of the deity. Yagno had found his calling. He build an altar in the cave and began sacrificing animals to Zkakata. Sadly, the word had been put upon the wall by Yoshtoi. When Yoshtoi was murdered by parties unknown, suspicion fell on Yagno, and he may well have sacrificed his brother on that same altar.[9]

There were other disappearances and deaths too, those of Wladomir, the family's oldest retainer, and the shepherd twins Elessi and Evanda, who supposedly committed suicide. In 702 BC, Yagno was caught attempting to sacrifice his sister's newborn to Zhakata and was put to flight. He entered the Mists on the northern frontier of Markovia where the domain of G'Henna came into being with him as its darklord.[9]

As Darklord

As a theocrat, Yagno Petrovna has control over both political and religious power in G'Henna. He wrapped all of G'Hennan society around Zhakata, making it the official state religion.[1]>[2][3]

Yagno found he was cursed with doubt shortly after arriving in G'Henna. In response, he paid a bragging wizard to conjure Zhakata itself. In truth, the demon known as Malistroi was called instead. The blasphemy it spoke rattled Yagno to his core. In rage, he struck down the wizard and left Malistroi magically bound.[10][5]

In 745 BC[11], Malistroi broke free of his bonds and attempted to seize control of G'Henna. Yagno achieved narrow victory over Malistroi, boosting confidence in his god. However, the insidious down soon crept into the back of his mind.[5]

Current Sketch

Yagno is cursed with eternal doubt. He is a questioner of his own beliefs and faith. The incident with Malistroi has done nothing to help his confidence. Yet he does not dare let others know, so he disguises his reservations with increased [[[fanatical]] displays of faith.[5]


2nd Edition

3rd Edition

TSR Collector Card

Yagno's TSR 1991 Collector Card number is 488.


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