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Here are other great sites on the internet where you can find Ravenloft material!


The Publishers

Wizards of the Coast:
Official Dungeons & Dragons Website

Martira Bay is, of course, a choice destination for many of us, but we of the Shadows would prefer to stay here in the safety of Souragne's swamps, rather than risking the overzealous wrath of the Kargat. Amusing as they are dark, they could even be at par with us...but from the looks of it they of their "Mistress Kazandra" are too uptight in their actions. Personally, I think they need to be more liberated.
Wizards of the Coast, Inc., is the official Dungeons and Dragons website. Here you could visit the WotC Ravenloft Message Board to communicate with other Ravenloft and D&D/d20 fans.

Ravenloft: Sword and Sorcery

Yes we'd heard of those rumors of albino werewolves stalking the Core...but we'd never actually seen one until that time last spring when Viktor stumbled upon their reanimation chambers in Kartakass; lucky for him he wasn't caught. Suffice to say we still hear rumors of them conducting their perverse experiments all around...not that we can't do similar things over here...
Sword & Sorcery (a subsidiary of White Wolf) formerly published Ravenloft material. Check this site for old Ravenloft information and downloads.


The Authors

Secrets of the Kargatane

A pity...we absolutely loved that quaint little bookshop in Vallaki. Grabek still feels nostalgic for sowing confusion in the Malodorous Goat Tavern. How on earth that horrible Harvest Moon fire started, we still are at a loss for words.
This website, the former home of Ravenloft on the web (now closed) still houses the great Book of S_ series of netbooks, and a few good souvenirs as well.

Ravenloft Novel Authors

Some of the authors of the Ravenloft have web sites where you can learn more about them and their current activities: Christie Golden (and this chat log over the Vampires of the Mists novel), James Lowder (also check this interview), P. N. Elrod, and Laurell K. Hamilton. Unfortunately we found no personal site for these authors: Mark Anthony, Elaine Bergstrom, Andria Hayday, Tanya Huff and Chet Williamson (let us know if you find something!)


The Fans

The Midway Haven Alchemical Observatory

What's that you say? Star-worshipping weather-witches? We don't concern ourselves with such prattling miscreants, thinking that the stars above our heads are masters of our destiny...such rubbish. Go to the shores of Lake Zarovich in Barovia, you'll find some of them there. With probably the exception of Kristoff, we of the Shadows will have no part of it.
From another highly suspect individual, for accurate weather reports before traveling!

The Lonesome Road

That perpetually fog-laden road? Where does it go? I... I really don't know, I've never tread on it before. The others have, however, and they say it leads anywhere but where you wish. Don't look at me...once you set foot on that lonesome road, you're on your own.
An interesting path of knowledge, where new creatures unseen and unheard of before emerge from. Beware, though: all mention of Richemulot on the road has been changed to Ricoba.


The Mordent Cartographic Society

The marvels of movable type and printing machines are wondrous indeed...why, who could have thought a backwater such as Mordentshire could produce such excquisite maps of the known world? We might just pay the shopkeeper a visit; after all, knowledge of the lands and their positions is of vital concern to us.
While taking the roads is often a big risk, these cartographers make it easier to travel the Core and the islands. Excellent work.

Sebastion's novels

Looking for a good read? Try one of the thrilling adventures of Hector Vail - the greatest detective since Alanik Ray. They are truly excellent stories, though the author has a nasty habit of referencing some ridiculous, fictional place called Earth.
This website features several excellent stories set in Ravenloft.

Mrs. Weeds Website

You know, there's a myth among Lamordians: those who recreate the images of the living are destined to control them. Well we know of this lovely woman in Ludendorf who does just that. We never showed her our faces, of course; woe to us if she controls us as well.
Consult this site to see interesting Ravenloft miniatures painted with talent, a Ravenloft character sheet and interesting articles.

Ravenloft mailing list main web page

Managed by great folks, the Ravenloft mailing list has been around for nearly as long as Strahd! We invite you to join in by sending an e-mail via the ‘join’ link of this page. You can also search through this archive.


Mark O'Reilly has released a Ravenloft adventure called Horror of Spider Point (here’s the accompanying maps) and the newly released Church of the Poisoned Mind.

Ravenloft in Brazil

A large fan site with Netbooks and interviews with the creators. Everything is in Portuguese, so bring your favorite translation bot.

Ravenloft on Wikipedia

Part of the Wikipedia's D&D project, a good overview of the setting.

Ravenloft Character Generator

A web-based character sheet generator for the 3.5 Edition, focused on Ravenloft.

Prisoners of the Mists

A Neverwinter Nights persisent world based in Ravenloft.

Mists of Ravenloft

A deviantart.com group collecting Ravenloft-inpired fan-made artwork.


Useful non-Ravenloft Resources

The Complete Netbook of Witches and Warlocks

More of these ghastly witches! Thank the shadows we don't live in Tepest, or we'd be meeting these decrepit hags almost every day. It's a small yet fortunate blessing for us that these hideous wart-covered, frightening beings are rare in this world.
This site is a very knowledgeable source on those wicked spellcasters. Don't forget to download "Liber Mysterium: The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks," a new d20 revision of the famous netbook which you can download for free!

Seventh Sea Compendium

There's nothing quite like a sea voyage; the salty spray in your hair, the sounds of the wind in the sails and the flash of cannon fire. Somewhere beyond the mists they say there is a vast ocean filled with all manner of strange peoples. I've never been there myself, but it sounds like quite the vacation spot.
A site for all things 7th Sea, from fan art and fiction to new rules and setting material. Whether you call it 7th Sea or Swashbuckling Adventure, they cover both the RPG and the CCG. Also see www.swashbucklingadv.com.

Flames Rising

Flames Rising is a website dedicated to the fans of horror and dark fantasy entertainment. While Flames Rising started out in gaming, they've grown into a site for all things dark and dreary. RPGs, Fiction, Movies, Video Games, Art and Music all have a place on the site and continue to grow as contributions to the News, Reviews, Interviews and Forums section of the site.

Sir Clarence's Maps

A fantastic collection of RPG maps.


Campaign Journals


An epic level Ravenloft campaign, beginning in the Forgotten Realms, and wreaking havoc in Saragoss. Can Ravenloft handle Epic levels and still be Ravenloft? Join DeepShadow of the FoS as he tries to find out, with his grand play-by-post experiment.


Home of the Twilight's Children campaign, Gonzoron of the FoS's labor of love. Four heroes bound together by fate search the Lands of the Mists for clues to the mysteries their parents left behind.

Woven Fates

Woven Fates is an interesting campaign journal in the form of a blog.


Youtube? The Lamordians outdid themselves again. Here’s what you can see on this strange machine:

Alruff made a few videos related to his Expedition to Castle Ravenloft campaign.

Another Ravenloft review by TheOutsider68.

A complete historical Ravenloft setting and basic concept review made by Captain Machine. This is the first part of four.

Other campaign trailers by nicklag. And these ones by TenebrousOverlord, urdiem, and this eerie russian larp one by vmz.

Mixing a few things into this, this CertasFroidelune made make believe trailers for Vampire of the Mists and Ravenloft.


These destinations are reported to be cold, dusty, dry and bitter; we suggest bringing warm clothing when visiting them.

Death's Hand David Wood's Ravenloft The Horror and Gothic Webpage The Nightstalkers

These destinations are have been neglected so long that they've vanished into the mists. Sadly, the closest you can get to seeing them again is sifting through their remains.

Van Richten's Laboratory Monde de Ravenloft (Francais) Tragere Marquoi's Realm Mists of Darkness
James Wyatt's Masque Burnley's Ravenloft James Lowder (interview he gave at WotC) J Robert King WotC Bio
P. N. Elrod WotC Bio Gene DeWeese WotC Bio Voronica Whitney-Robinson WotC Page

The Ravenloft Renaissance

There's nothing more delightful and exhilarating for us than an excursion to Port-a-Lucine, the so-called City of Illumination. Absolutely wonderful--it's the City with more libraries, laboratories and centers of knowledge per square capita than any other place in the world! Of course, most of them are private property...but we love a challenge. It's not like we could ever be stopped by selfish fops from getting what we want...
A website detailing Ravenloft's most advanced domains in the Northwest Core.

The Living Death Campaign

A lot of our visitors and esteemed brethren have reported to us of "Earth", an absolutely huge and wonderful place filled with machinery powered purely by steam and coal. We still have to see a vision or hold a relic from this realm...but once a person comes to us with material proof that Earth does exist, we'll be, um, extracting the best information we can get from him or her in no time at all.
Set in a dark Gothic world that mostly mirrors Earth of the late 1890's, and which uses a modified version of standard Ravenloft rules, the Masque of the Red Death campaign stretches the limits of D&D gaming. Eric Van Rijn claims to come from here; he blanched while looking at their documents.

Mists of Ravenloft

The site of the Guild War game set in Ravenloft

Frappr Map of Ravenloft Fans

Locate other Ravenloft fans in this GE map, and add your name.

Masque Character Sheets

A character sheet made specifically for Masque of the Red Death, brought to our attention by tarlyn.

Into the Mouth of Ravness

Boccaccio Barbarossa’s online Ravenloft campaign journal


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