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While we attempt to keep this section updated as often as possible, you may also find it useful to peruse Mistipedia's list of Ravenloft Source Material.
Ravenloft Novels
Vampire of the Mists (1991) I, Strahd (1993) Tower of Doom (1994) To Sleep with Evil (1996)
Knight of the Black Rose (1991) The Enemy Within (1994) Baroness of Blood (1995) Lord of the Necropolis (1997)
Dance of the Dead (1992) Carnival of Fear (1993) Death of a Darklord (1995) Shadowborn (1998)
Heart of Midnight (1992) Mordenheim (1994) Scholar of Decay (1995) I, Strahd: Against Azalin (1998)
Tapestry of Dark Souls (1993) Tales of Ravenloft (1994) King of the Dead (1996) Spectre of the Black Rose (1999)
Ravenloft: Dominion Novels
Ravenloft Comic Books
Heaven's Bones (2008) Mithras Court (2008) Black Crusade (2009) Worlds of D&D (2008)
4th Edition Reviews
Domains of Dread Articles
Other Articles
Related Sources
Open Grave (2009) Sunderheart (2008) Playing Vistani (2009) Castle Ravenloft Boardgame (2010)
Ravenloft Fourth Edition (2011) Graefmotte (2009) History Check: Kas & Venca (2011) The Mark of Nerath (2010)
Book of Vile Darkness (2011) Monadhan (2009) Starhaunt (2012)
Player's Option: Heroes of Shadow (2011) The Endless Road (2010) Fair Barovia (2012)
The Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond (2011) Kalidnay (2011) History Check: Strahd and Van Richten (2012)
Timbergorge (2012) Twisted by Darkness (2012)
Histaven (2011) The Life of Soth (2012)
3rd Edition Reviews
Campaign Setting
Van Richten's Guides
Van Richten's Arsenal (2002) Ravenloft Third Edition (2001) Gazetteer Volume 1 (2002) VRG to the Walking Dead (2003)
Champions of Darkness (2002) Secrets of the Dread Realms(2001) Gazetteer Volume 2 (2003) VRG to the Shadow Fey (2004)
Heroes of Light (2002) Dungeon Master's Guide (2003) Gazetteer Volume 3 (2003) VRG to the Mists (2005)
Tarokka Deck (2003) Players Handbook (2003) Gazetteer Volume 4 (2003)  
Legacy of the Blood (2004)   Gazetteer Volume 5 (2004)  
Dark Tales and Disturbing Legends (2005)    
Masque of the Red Death
Monster Manuals
Masque of the Red Death (2004) Denizens of Darkness (2002) Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (2006)  
  Denizens of Dread (2004)    
1st and 2nd Edition Ravenloft Products
For a reference list of these adventures within the Ravenloft timeline, click here.
Campaign Sets
The Original Adventures
Hunter's Compendium
Monstrous Compendiums
Realm of Terror (1990) I6: Ravenloft (1983) VR's MHC Volume 1 (1999) Appendix I (1991)
Ravenloft Campaign Setting (1994) I10: The House on Gryphon Hill (1986) VR's MHC Volume 2 (1999) Appendix II (1993)
Masque of the Red Death (1994)   VR's MHC Volume 3 (2000) Appendix I & II (1996)
Domains of Dread (1997)     Appendix III (1994)
Van Richten's Guides
Darklords (1991) VRG to Vampires (1992) Feast of Goblyns (1990) Howls in the Night (1994)
Islands of Terror (1992) VRG to Ghosts (1992) Ship of Horror (1991) When Black Roses Bloom (1995)
Forbidden Lore (1992) VRG to the Lich (1993) Book of Crypts (1991) Circle of Darkness (1995)
The Nightmare Lands (1995) VRG to Werebeasts (1993) Touch of Death (1991) A Light in the Belfry (1995)
The Gothic Earth Gazetteer (1995) VRG to the Created (1994) Night of the Walking Dead (1992) Chilling Tales (1995)
Forged of Darkness (1996) VRG to the Ancient Dead (1994) Thoughts of Darkness (1992) The Evil Eye (1995)
Requiem: The Grim Harvest (1996) VRG to Fiends (1995) From the Shadows (1992) Neither Man Nor Beast (1996)
A Guide to Transylvania (1996) VRG to the Vistani (1995) Roots of Evil (1993) Bleak House (1996)
Children of the Night: Vampires (1996) Web of Illusion (1993) Death Unchained (1996)
Children of the Night: Ghosts (1997) The Created (1993) Death Ascendant (1996)
The Free TSR Gold Map (1998)   House of Strahd (1993) The Forgotten Terror (1997)
Champions of the Mists (1998)   Castles Forlorn (1993) Servants of Darkness (1998)
Children of the Night: Werebeasts (1998) Dark of the Moon (1993) The Shadow Rift (1998)
Children of the Night: Created (1999) Adam's Wrath (1994) Vecna Reborn (1998)
Carnival (1999)   Hour of the Knife (1994) TSR Jam 1999 (1999)
The Awakening (1994) Die Vecna Die! (2000)

In an effort to make Ravenloft more visible on the net, we will periodically send all the Ravenloft 3e products reviews we get to the most important RPG review sites, i.e. at EN World and RPG.net.

For each review, please vote for the product you are reviewing using a scale of five, with one being awful and five being excellent.

Please send your Reviews of art, books, movies, music, television shows, and video games to submissions@fraternityofshadows.com

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