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Roleplaying Games

Call of Cthulhu



Chaosium: Publisher of the Call of Cthulhu. Pagan Publishing: Publisher of the Delta Green. Cthulhu lives: Ideas and props

D20 Products

Enworld: Massive RPG site! RPG.net: Center of reviews and downloads.

Downloads and Netbooks

AdndDownloads: Downloads of all kinds! Blue Troll: So many downloads.... PlanetAdnd: All things D&D.
RPG Archive: A store of fan made adventures. James Wyatt's Page: RPG writer  

General Information

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions    

Other Roleplaying Settings

Dark Sun: The official site of Dark Sun. Dragonlance: The official site of the setting. Planewalker: The official planescape site.
Mimir: An interesting Planescape site.    


We would like this section to grow, in order to provide an exciting reference center for Ravenloft. But to do that, we need your help! You can submit other links at joel@fraternityofshadows.com.


Arms and Equipment


Claudio Pozas gallery: A talented fantasy artist Arms and Armors manufacture: Brilliant Brief Lives: Historical figures.
Elfwood: Huge gallery of fantasy images. Guide to Medieval Instruments: Great for bards. USGen: Information on 19th century America.
Talon: Ravenloft's favorite artist. Erzsebet Bathory:  here and there.


Circuses and Freaks

Edgar Alan Poe

Crime Library-Serial Killers page Freak Show: Information on real circuses. Poe Society: An organization devoted to Poe.
The Poe Decoder: Many analyses of Poe.
Poe Library: The complete works of E.A. Poe.
An Educator's Guide to Poe: Sent to us by the young keepers of lore at the Main Steet Library After School Program.

Folklore and Legends



About.com: An site on paranormal events. Historic Cities: Numerous historic maps. The Moonlit Road: Stories of the American South.
Encyclopedia Mythica Modern Ruins Photographs: A must for MotRD LaLaurie House: A haunted place for Souragne.
Obakemono: A site on monsters of Japan Old maps of the UK: Maps of medieval England. Creepy NC : ghosts and creepiness of North Carolina
Tarot Games: A Tarot card information page. Underground Paris: A virtual tour.
Hellhound's Lair: Lore inspired by the TV series Supernatural Great Lakes Ship Wrecks: Map of ship wrecks
Supernatural Wiki: Wiki site for the TV series Supernatural, inspiring for RL DMs
Most Evil: Wikipedia article on Most Evil TV show. Features profiles on various murderers, serial killers, and sociopaths.


H.P Lovecraft

Medieval History

Gypsy Caravan: Wagons of all types. Lovecraft Archive: Dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft. Georgetown’s University Labyrinth
Plush Cthulhu Medieval Castles & Dark Ages : Medieval links
Gypsies: The straight dope on Gypsies Yes Virginia, there is a Cthulhu Middle Age link page: Links to the Middle Age

Paranormal Events



Cryptoweb: Dedicated to cryptozoology. Daguerreian Society: old pictures for your GE campaign. Haitian Voodoo: A site on Hatian Voodoo.

Religioustolerance.org: Hinduism, for Sri Raji

Renaisance and Beyond



Napoleonic Era: A treasure trove for advanced CL. Pirates Info: Information on the history of pirates. Salem Witch trials: A documentary page.
Development of Western Music: For the Port-a-lucine Opera House, Kartakass, or anywhere musical. Costume Center’s Guide to Pirates: a lot of great supplemental resources on piracy.  
  Pirates Link Page: More pirate info.  
  Pirate Glossary: Evil Stevie’s pirate lingo.  
  Pirate Flags: Flags used by pirates. (A young scholar from a distant land called Laramie, Wyoming shared this useful link with us. Thanks!)  
  Pirate History 1: "The Brief History of Pirates." (A secret society known as the Lexington Middle School History Club pointed out this resource for us. Thanks!)  
  Pirate History 2: "The History of Piracy in the Caribbean" (Two mysterious couriers known to us only by the aliases "Susan" and "Mary" left this one in a note under our door. Thank you!)


HorrorFind: A place to search for horror things. Literary Gothic: Encyclopaedic site. The Literature Network: Search for quotations.
Project Gutenburg: Archive of classic literature. Quote Land: A collection of quotes Wikipedia: A free, online encyclopedia.

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