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Undead Sea Scrolls
Souragne Gazetteer
Zherisian Gazetteer
Undead Sea Scrolls 2001
The first issue!
  Survey of the Souragne Expedition:
By the Fraternity of Shadows
  Survey of the Zherisian Expedition:
A Ravenloft Community Netbook
Undead Sea Scrolls 2002
Our 2002 special.
  Web Enhancement:
Additions to the Gazetteer.
Undead Sea Scrolls 2003
The latest edition of the USS
Van Richten Society
Nocturnal Sea Gazetteer
Gothic Earth Eternal
Dopplegangers   Survey of the Nocturnal Sea:
By the Fraternity of Shadows
  Gothic Earth Eternal:
By Rucht Lilavivat
        The Darklords of Gothic Earth Eternal:
By the Members of the Cafe de Nuit.
Quoth the Raven
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Back Issues:
Issue 1:
Our first issue!
  Issue 2:
Advanced Domains
  Issue 3:
The Carnival
Issue 4:
Medieval domains
  Issue 5:
Egyptian Domains
  Issue 6:
Nightmares and Dreams
Issue 7:
Fiends in Ravenloft
  Issue 8:
Aberrations and mutants
  Issue 9:
The Seas of Ravenloft
Issue 10:
The Evil that Men Do
  Issue 11:
Things that go bump
  Issue 12:
Our first issue in the new layout
Issue 13:
The unluckiest book ever made
Issue 14:
The revengening
  Issue 15:
Dangerous Knowledge
Issue 16:
Darkened Corners
Issue 17:
Lost Wonders and More
  Issue 18:
Progressive Insanity
Latest Issues:
Issue 19:
Curiosity Kills
Issue 20:
Snake Eyes
  Issue 21:
Dark Desire
Issue 22:
Lost Legacies
Issue 23:
Barovia: I am the Land
  Issue 24:
Lights in the Darkness
Ryan Naylor's Pathfinder in the Mists Netbooks
Domains of Dread: Pathfinder in the Mists:
Overview, Races, Classes, Feats, Equipment, Magic, Fear, Horror, Madness, Curses, Powers Checks, Magic Items
  Children of the Night: the Lords of Ravenloft:
Darklord stats under Pathfinder rules, and timelines
  Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium:
Pathfinder RPG Ravenloft Monster stats, templates, and monstrous feats.
Jester's Ravenloft 4th Edition Rules Update Pamphlets
4th Edition DM Rules:
[Letter Format | Landscape Format]
Fear, Horror, Madness, Curses, Powers Checks, Restrictions, and Planar information.
  4th Edition Player's Guide:
[Letter Format | Landscape Format]
Races, Classes, Feats, Equipment, General setting info, and Rituals.
  4th Edition Manual of Monsters:
95 monsters plus allergen rules, templates, and rules for vampire staking.
4th Edition Tables and Charts Cheat Sheet:
Summary sheet for the DM.
  4th Edition Pamphlet Updates:
List of Updates from the previous versions.
Fan Adventures
A Calling From Verbrek:
An adventure by Tomasz Kuczynski
  Island of Decay:
A new Ravenloft adventure by Kessler
  The Story Of Darkangnon Estates:
An original adventure by Mad Step Dad
Falkovnian Prison:
An original scenario by Kessler
  Nine of Hearts:
Adventure by Dion Fernandez
  Tales of the Mists:
A fiction netbook by Jeffrey Davis.
The Best of Friends:
Adventure by Stephen "Wannabe" Mac
  Haunting Memories: (Falkovnia)
Adventure by D. Bandera
  In the Shadow of the Willow: (Tepest)
Adventure by D. Bandera
Child of the House:
Adventure by Rucht Lilavivat
  Death Undaunted:
Adventure by J.W. Mangrum
Ravenloft Reincarnated: The Savage World of Ravenloft
Ravenloft Reincarnated: The Savage World of Ravenloft:
by Jeremy Puckett.
  Ravenloft Reincarnated: The Black Vault:
by Jeremy Puckett.
  Ravenloft Reincarnated: Power of the Tarot:
by Jeremy Puckett.
Ravenloft Reincarnated: The Amber Wastes Cluster:
by Jeremy Puckett.
Other Netbooks
Chilling Encounters:
A mini-netbook of arctic adversaries.
  The Malodorous Goat Netbook:
Characters from the Kargatane board.
  Substance, Shadows and Spirit:
By Dion of the Fraternity
The Great War Project:
A Gothic Earth campaign set in World War I.
  New Ravenloft Monsters:
By John W. Mangrum
  The Wailing Sorrow
An Adventure by Nathan Reese Maher
Gothic Earth PC Classes:
By Patrick Plouffe
  A Primer on Faux Henchmen:
By Brandi Weed
  The Eye of Anubis Maps Netbook:
By James "lostboy" Turner and Mikhail "NeoTiamat" Rekun
A Guide to Dreamwalking :
3rd Edition Dream rules.
  The definitive 3e RL Monster Catalogue:
by JoŽl Paquin
  Associated files for the EoA map netbook.
An Illustrated History of the Core :
by Ryan Naylor.

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