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Ral Patha Ravenloft Miniatures

(All are out of production - but seen once in a while on ebay...)

Quotations indicate identifications taken from Ral Partha's 1995 catalog. Most pictures of the Ravenloft line are from this original catalog (the one with the grey background), the others from me (white background).

Many thanks to Brandi, Catman Jim and Frank Dyck (Giamarga) for adding many precisions and their help for this page.

11-100 Greater Wolfwere

4 minis: giant wolf, wolf hybrid, male & female forms
Here's a painted version of the lady.

11-101 Werebat Set

3 minis
"Batlord's Human & Hybrid forms, and Lackey"

11-102 Greater Mummy

4 minis
"Queen, Mummy Lord, and 2 servants"
The queen, painted.
Brandi's complete set, painted, here.

11-103 Demihuman Vampires

3 minis
dwarf, kinder / halfling and elf vampires

11-104 Vampyres

3 minis
1 male & 2 female, very 'pimp & ho's looking'!

11-105 Village Mob

7 minis
6 brandishing pitchforks or torches & a constable.

11-106 Village Personalities

4 minis
burgomeister, priest, wench, & thug

11-107 Goblyns

3 minis
(all large mouthed!)

11-108 Great White Stag

1 mini
This one is an enigma, as there are no White Stags in Ravenloft!
For your information:
There is a White Stag on page 127 of Elves of Evermeet 2nd ed. FR book (FOR5).
Also, a white stag appears in MC4 - Dragonlance Appendix. Someone converted it to 3e there.
Finally, the white stag is a mythological creature. This is a page with some info.

11-109 Gypsies

3 minis
raunie, captain, and tough

11-110 Gypsy Dancers

3 minis
Skirts flared! Party!
Here's a painted version of one of these ladies and here's a group shot with two of our gypsies.

11-111 Lords of Ravenloft

3 minis
"Vlad Drakov, Strahd von Zarovich, & Gabrielle Aderre"
Here's Strahd with some colors, for a change.

11-112 Vampire Hunters

3 minis
"Dr. Van Richten, Kolyana, & Gondegal"

11-113 Lost Ones

3 minis
1 female & 2 male (warrior & sailor)

11-114 Wolfweres

3 minis
"Male, Female, Hybrid with Victim"
Here's a painted version of the dandy with the cane (but it's not Anton Misroi!)

11-115 Zombie Lord and Lackeys

3 minis

11-116 Ratik Umbel

1 mini
(misnamed 'Ratk Umbel' on the package)
Brandi's comments and painted mini here.

11-117 Man Wolf

1 mini
(looks quite similar to the hybrid wolfwere 3 lines up, but without victim lifted overhead)

11-118 Natalia Vorishkova

Comments and painted mini image by Brandi here.

11-119 Vampires

3 minis
"Orlock, Bellac Gordol, & Female"

11-120 Lab Work Tables and Labware

2 complete tables

11-121 Assorted Life Energizers

Various lab electrical gizmos, la Frankeinstein lab
4 complete pieces when assembled (I used temporary blue wall plastic glue :)

11-122 Frantisek Markov

1 mini
(looks like a gorilla in a trenchcoat! Perhaps for Prof. Arcanus?)
Here's another example of Brandi's work.

11-123 Ivana Boritsi

1 mini
Much older appearance than is now known - Ivana wasn't forever young back then!
(See a painted example by our own Brandi here. As she suggest, it could be used for Camille, Ivana's mother)

11-124 Alfred Timothy

Looking very much the civilized dandy with cape & cane

11-125 Witches

3 minis
one with broom, one crone with staff, one with raised candle and athame.

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