Five Editions of D&D. Five Books of Ezra. It can't be coincidence! The Time of Unparalled Darkness is nigh!

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What is Gothic Earth Eternal?

Rucht Lilavivat (3rd Edition Ravenloft author) and the Fraternity of Shadows present the future of the Masque of the Red Death Setting. The time is nigh! Look here for details and download the netbook here!


Greetings from the Fraternity!

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Apr 25th At long last, our 4th edition reviews get fleshed out a bit thanks to brothersale. Look for reviews of Sunderheart, Graefmotte, Monadhan, History Check: Kas & Venca, The Endless Road, Kalidnay, History Check: Strahd and Van Richten, The Life of Soth, Fair Barovia, Timbergorge, and Histaven in the The Drawing Room, along with GonzoRon's review of The Mark of Nerath. (Special guest, alhoon, chimes in on two of those as well.) Also, two more sessions of JoŽl's campaign, Sessions 59-66, have been lurking unannounced in the The Veranda, until now.
Mar 31st Open up your bag of holding, and get your gp ready. We're embarking on an exciting new venture! Read the announcement here!
Dec 15th Did you know you can literally wear your Ravenloft fandom for all to see? Yes, Ravenloft apparel does exist, if you can find it. Catman Jim is one of the lucky few who has. Come see the latest additions to Catman Jim's Museum of Rarities in the Mausoleum.
Oct 31st The future starts today! With a new editor and a new look, the Fraternity of Shadows proudly presents Quoth the Raven #21! Thank you to all our contributors, and we hope to make all your Dark Desires come true.
Sep 14th Another four exciting sessions of JoŽl's campaign, Sessions 59-64, are added on The Veranda. Jester updates his Core maps and adds a few new ones to his Map Gallery. Some Tarokka Trivia recently revealed by Talon Dunning has been added to his Artist's Notes in The Parlor.
May 18th We proudly present Ryan Naylor's Pathfinder in the Mists netbooks - three enormous and detailed netbooks ready to take your Ravenloft game into the Pathfinder RPG ruleset, (including a few glimpses of what might have been from the later Gazetteers). Now in our Library: Domains of Dread: Pathfinder in the Mists, Children of the Night: the Lords of Ravenloft, and Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Thank you, Ryan, for allowing us to host these!
Mar 31st Who owns Ravenloft now? Find out in this announcement.
Jan 26th Another Journal Update! Sessions 59-60 of JoŽl's campaign are added on The Veranda.
Dec 28th A late holiday gift: Session 9 of Jennifer's 2nd campaign is added to her journal out on The Veranda.
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