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A Mistway is a type of path, usually located close to a domain's border, leading through a bank of Ravenloft's mists, that may or may not deposit the traveller where he was expecting to go. Mistways vary in reliability to requiring a specific trigger to activate. Mistways can lead to literally anywhere, even providing an escape from the Demiplane itself (which, of course, is exceedingly rare.) A traveler making use of a mistway located in icy reaches of Vorostokov may find themselves, moments later, in the searing desert domain of Har'Akir.

Traveling a mistway is not as dangerous as just blindly entering the mists, but it's not entirely safe, either. Only the Vistani and Mist Ferrymen can be sure to reach the desired destination at the other end of the mistway.

Several Mistways have been identified by the denizens of the Demiplane, however given their shaky reliability, only the more brave, foolhardy, or exceptionally desperate will make use of them.

Types of Mistways

Permanent Mistways: A good number of these mistways have been discovered and documented by explorers, and their reliability ranges from reasonable to dangerously unreliable. Below is a listing of know, and oft-used Mistways.

Temporal Mistways These mistways are triggered by seasonal, astronomical, and time-based events. Some may only operate in the summer, or some may operate only during an eclipse, etc etc.

Conditional Mistways Mistways that are triggered by arbitrary conditions. A mistway might only operate for the undead, or a mistway may only open for someone who has never failed a powers check, for example.

Ritual Mistways These are always triggered by some evil act, and the more atrocious the act, the better of a chance the mistway will open and operate correctly. Considering the nature of these horrible paths, some are simply one-way trips to a pocket domain awaiting a new evil master.

Known Permanent Mistways

The Bleak Road: Southeastern Nova Vaasa to Vorostokov

2-way, poor reliability.

The Emerald Stream: Northern Sea of Sorrows to eastern Sri Raji

2-way, moderate reliability.

The Heretic's Egress: Southwestern G'henna to North-central Darkon

2-way, moderate reliability.

The Jackal's Ruse: East-Central Nocturnal Sea to Western Har'Akir

1-way, moderate reliability.

Leviathan's Clutches: West-Central Sea of Sorrows to Western Saragoss

1-way, excellent reliability.

Outlander's Gate: Prime Material Plane to Southern Barovia

Poor reliability, one way. Serves only to draw outsiders to the Demiplane.

The Path of Innocence: Southern Valachan to Northern Odiare

One-way, Poor reliability.

The Road of a Thousand Secrets: Southern Hazlan to Southeastern Pharazia

Two-way, moderate reliability

The Serpent's Coils: Eastern Nova Vaasa to Paridon

Two-way, moderate reliability.

The Shattered Passage: Southern Kartakass to Northeastern Bluetspur

One-way, moderate reliability.

The Shrouded Way: Northwestern Darkon to Southern Paridon

Two-way, moderate reliability.

Via Corona: Northeastern Darkon to Eastern Nidala

Two-way, moderate reliability.

The Wake of the Loa: Northwestern Nocturnal Sea to Northern Souragne

Two-way, moderate reliability.

The Way of Venomous Tears: Southwestern Sea of Sorrows to Northeastern Rokushima Táiyoo

Two-way, poor reliability.

Known Temporal Mistways

Unnamed Mount Frost-Anhalla Mistway: Mount Frost (Rokushima Táiyoo) to Anhalla in Sebua[1]

Possibly 2-way, requires a snowstorm to exist in Rokushima Táiyoo at the same time of a sandstorm in Sebua

Known Ritual Mistways

Oak of Screams: Invidia to Unknown destination

One-way, requires the heart of an innocent during the full moon to operate.


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