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An elusive and ephemeral fiend, The Gentleman Caller has remained so much of a mystery that even sages and fiend hunters such as Dr. van Richten have yet to discover his true goals or even his true nature beyond that he is a fiend. What is known about the Gentleman Caller is that he is a manipulator, a seducer, a tempter, a corrupter, and in general a bringer of Evil to the Land of Mists. For example, he beguiled Gabrielle Aderre and sired a child with her, the dreaded Dukkar known as Malocchio Aderre.[1]

The description given above is highly accurate, for he is an incubus[1]Potential-captioned.pngwho is striving to escape the Land of Mists.Canon-captioned.pngTo this end he has undertaken an innovative, far reaching breeding program. Given his aim, he and his children are of the utmost interest to Azalin Rex. Indeed the raison d'être of the Doomsday Gazetteer project seems to be the identification of his spawn.[2]

The Gentleman Caller targets only Vistani women (or those with Vistani heritage such as giomorgos) for potential mothers for his children. In addition to the Dukkar, Vigo Drakov[3],Potential-captioned.png the Jongleur, Chezna the Blood-cat, The Beast of the Hills, and the Familiar also number among the Gentleman Caller's children.

The Gentleman Caller is pursued by his nemesis, the equally otherwordly Isolde, whom sacrificed her freedom, and much of her essence, to follow him into the Mists.[4]Potential-captioned.pngIndeed, luring her into the Mists and arranging her ultimate destruction might have been the Gentleman Caller's original goal in traveling to the forbidden land of Ravenloft. Failing the latter, he may now seek merely to escape.

From the examples presented in canon Ravenloft modules, the Gentelman Caller seems to bear an other-worldly aura of romance about him. Such is his charm that he was able to entrance the temptress Gabrielle[5] and the iron-willed "S" with but a mere gaze.[2] Fitting, as an incubus, he has all the magical enchantment spell-like abilities or a succubus. In addition, the Gentlman Caller has learned how to tap into the land-based power of suggestion.[1]

Children of the Gentleman Caller


male incubus, Chaotic Evil[6]

Other Activities in Ravenloft

The Gentleman Caller is responsible for turning Marla into a penanggalan.[7]

The Gentleman Caller also revived Baron Metus on behalf of Madame Radanavich and taught her the way of conjuring and imprisoning the spirits of Rudolph Van Richten's companions into Richten Haus.[8]



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