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Oubliettes are pocket locations in the mists. They are small islands that contain any type of environment and structure, and appear and disappear randomly. They are typically uninhabited, and can either be a sanctuary or a dangerous place.[1]

Oubliettes range from small rooms to pastoral meadows to entire towns, usually devoid of any other life. Some are harmless, some have mild dangers, some are set up like traps. Like mistways, they may require a trigger or condition to appear or be entered. Mist Creatures have been known to take up residence in them.

It has been pointed out that oubilettes violate the existing topological rules of the the Demiplane (i.e. anything that is carved out of the Mists has a Darklord). But it has also been pointed out that The Black Box raised the possibility that The Nightmare Lands had no darklord, and also that there are strips of land on the edges of the Black Box map of The Core that are not labelled as domains and not assigned darklords. In addition, The Mists themselves could be seen as land without a darklord, if in fact they are truly a physical location at all.

Known Oubliettes

"Peaceful" Meadow, located along the Path of Innocence. Area affects anger, enhancing it.

Stone Room, location unknown. Lair of the Telling Man.

Toy Shop, Invidia, random appearances. Sells supposedly cursed toys.

Whitewashed Cabin, location unknown. An uninhabited cabin that fills with vipers during the night.

Weapons Shop, location unknown. Sells a wide range of well-crafted weapons, many of them cursed.

Richten Haus, location unknown.


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