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Said to be the oldest noble family of Mordent, the de Boistribues mostly kept to themselves, so much so that relations were suspected to be improper. Something horrible happened on the Boistribue Family Manor that resulted in the disappearance (or massacre) of the family in December of 493 BC, leaving only the bloody remains of servants,claw marks, and a single survivor driven so mad as to not clearly attest to what had happened that night. Lycanthropes are commonly thought to be the cause of the incident, though whether the de Boistribues perpetrated or fell victim to the attacks are unclear.[1]

Beyond keeping the Mordentish people avoid the forest during nightfall even in modern times[1], the legacy the de Boistribue leave behind its their manor, which is said to be ambulatory as to make it hard for people to go around it.[2]

The de Boistribue Family presided over the Forest of the Ancients[3]


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