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The Scions of Yakov Dilisnya[1] is a secret society within the Church of Ezra, operating out of Borca.

For the last seven decades, elite families have often placed their lesser-born sons and daughters in the Home Faith’s clergy. Most of these anchorites have been faithful members of the clergy, and many have risen to prominence within the Church. Felix Wachter, founder of the Mordentish sect, was himself one such blessed son. Regardless of their faith, all scions provided their houses with information on the Church’s activities, and some swayed decisions that would affect their families. In recent years, a handful of anchorites with Dilisnya blood in their veins have chosen to use the Church for their personal benefit. Yakov Dilisnya promised his sister Camille that the Home Faith could be a tool for societal control, and the current members of his bloodline feel they deserve the keys to that control. In time, the self-proclaimed Scions of Yakov Dilisnya believe that the Home Faith can grow strong enough to overthrow Borca’s landholders and turn the Church's splintered sects into puppets. Unlikely to inherit their families’ wealth, the Scions intend to unite the Church and with it carve themselves an empire. The Scions’ power lies in plotting and patience, not numbers. Their erstwhile leader is Oton Boritsi, second son of Lady Ivana’s youngest (and deceased) brother, Anton. Currently just 33 (as of 757 BC), Oton plans to guide himself and his kin into positions of power. Once all are in place, Oton will take his rightful place as Praesidius of the Church of Ezra and bend it to his will. To date, Praesidius Postoya does not know of the conspiracy under his roof, but he is suspicious of the house of Dilisnya on principle.
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