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The Boritsi Trading Company is a trading company owned by the Boritsi Family. Despite Camille Dilisnya and later Ivana Boritsi turn away from trade and ]]commerce]], Ivana's siblings and their descendants persist in operating the Boritsi Trading Company much as before. Prior to the Great Upheaval, Sulo removed his family (save for his eldest children) from Borca to Bergovitsa, Nova Vaasa. There he has reached commercial success not only in that domain but also across the noctural sea. Sulo installed several offices in Armeikos on the isle of Liffe. Anton Boritsi was not as shrewd, and he perished in 739 BC under suspicious circumstances. He is survived by his wife and two children (Hellena Boritsi and Bevel Boritsi, whom run his operations in his stead. The work of both brother and their descendants have helped to distance the Bortisi name from the brutal regimes of Camille and Ivana, or at least show there is more to the name than tyranny.[1]


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