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Read these Rules! 
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Post Read these Rules!
These are the forum rules:

First Rule of Fight Club: Don't talk about... no, wait.. damn! Let's start over...

1. No obscenity: Remember, we're tying to keep this forum a friendly place for everyone, so don't get out of control. Feel free to express yourself as colourfully as you please, but, as Socko likes to say: "Just be F@#%!&g reasonable". Of course, what Socko said doesn't pass the grandmother rule we are enforcing here (don't use a word you would not use in front of your grandmother). Using *** to half-mask a word isn't accepted either.

1b. Mature theme discussion is allowed, as long as you put a "warning : mature content" in the title thread. But before you use this path, ask yourself if using it is really needed in your story: make sure it adds something meaningful and important, otherwise, drop it, it's not worth the trouble! Also, remember this can be a touchy subject for many people, so in this type of delicate situations, hints are your better friend. Let people use their own imagination, with what each is comfortable with. And do not overelaborate on specific disturbing scenes : any post with graphic disturbing details will be deleted. We will moderate on this matter on a case by case basis, and delete what we think should not be on our boards.

1c. No inapropriate link: Similarly, do not put any direct link to something not appropriate for the site, or again in front of your grandmother. Please use the "two-click" rule, which says that anything that would be inappropriate on the FoS board itself must not be linked to directly, but can be linked indirectly as long as it takes "2 clicks" to get to the offending content. (One click to get off our site, then a second to get to the content.) Use this for questionable material. However, a link to something that's really out of question will be deleted.

2. No Flaming: This is a friendly place for polite discussions, so there is to be no flaming. Flaming encompasses insults, put-downs, unfair criticism, harrassment, and passing around naughty drawings. Posters are to treat everyone else with equal respect. Incidents of flaming will be punished by, wait for it... fire!

2a. An addition to the "no flaming" rule. Edition-bashing of any kind will not be tolerated. This forum is officially about ALL editions of Ravenloft, using ANY ruleset, official or otherwise. No one should be made to feel that their system is "wrong" for Ravenloft. Constructive criticism is fine, flaming is not. In return, we ask everyone to assume that there are fans of their own system reading. Be assured, there are. The forum has fans of all systems reading and posting. As such, starting posts with "I know everyone hates __th Edition, but..." is only self-defeating. Please consider instead, "This idea assumes __th Edition, but could be used for any ruleset" It may seem like a small difference, but when trying to foster a place for open discussion, tone is everything. A new user passing by with a great idea for (1st/2nd/3rd/4th) edition (or GURPS, Rolemaster, Toon, a homebrew, whatever) who sees someone proclaiming that this forum "hates" that ruleset is much less likely to join up and post. And we don't want to discourage that.

3. No illegal transactions: We hate to be a spoil sport, but in the interest of maintaining law and order we cannot abide by illegal transactions on the site. Specifically, no file shareing. We can't, and won't, interfere with what you do outside the site, but don't let us catch you passing bootlegged information here.

4. No posting without membership: Due to some obscene attacks from bots, we must enforce this rule. Fortunately, membership costs nothing... except your soul :twisted:.

Also, posting a commercial site as your prefered web site in your profile will be seen as highly suspicious of capitalist trolls (which we happen to dislike a lot), and your account will be deleted especially if your meaningful post count is zero (Do not register here just to post your pretty link to some stuff, we will erase your account quickly)

5. No lurking: Sorry, but in less than a year we have accumulated more lurkers than posters. Unless you post within one month, your account will be fed to Dru and thereafter deleted.

6. No Bumping: In the interest of keeping the boards fluid, we do not allow topic bumping. If you feel that a thread deserves more attention, post something relevant to the thread. Otherwise, you'll be drafted into serving as Dru's personal bumpercar.

7. No Pictures in signatures: After numerous lawsuits over creepy pictures of Dion and Wiccy, we've decided to outlaw pictures in signatures. Sorry. Everyone has access to a gallery of avatars, which will hopefully fill our scarry-picture needs.

Same thing with highliting your signature with colours or bold. Don't. We like our boards similar to a welcome in a Barovian inn after dark. Austere.

8. Avatars listed in the FOS category are reserved for moderators. Thank you for your cooperation when choosing an avatar.

9. No shoes, No shirt, No posting: This is not a joke! For all I know, you could be posting naked. Everyone must be appropriatly dressed to post on these boards; suit and ties for the gentlemen, full length gowns for the ladies.
And don't try to cheat, by just wearing a shirt so that it looks from the waist up that your wearing clothes. We have eyes everywhere.

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