Dr. Phillippe Delapont

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Dr. Phillippe Delapont is a wizard (transmuter), anatomist, and alchemical philsopher who lives in Borca. He is a Professor of Alchemy and Anatomy at the Academe d'Richemulot. Raised as a child by his Dementlieuse parents Comte Simon Delapont and his wife Moira Delapont, Phillipe would not know his true history as the survivor of an attempt of his uncle Ivan Dilisnya to poison his biological parents Kristina Dilisnya Leskovich and Edgar Leskovich until later in his life. Phillipe secretly plots Ivan from his home in Richemulot and hopes to develop an antidote for Borrowed Time.[1]


Phillipe is in poor health due to being poisoned as an infant, although he has partially compensated for this with the aid of magical items.[2] An accident as a child left him unable to walk without using a cane.[3]

Phillipe has a toad familiar named Cadmus. Phillipe also has created a homunculus named Gerast and two alchemical children constructs that appear to be common guard dogs. Phillipe has failed a Powers Check from the use of coagulants, Phillipe has gained a boost to his memory. This has come at the cost of developing an addiction to the use of Memory Coagulants, which results in a rapid decline in his intelligence should he not indulge his addiction.[4]


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