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Canon Information


Dominic d'Honaire is the darklord of Dementlieu. He is not its temporal leader but does serve as an adviser for Marcel Guignol.[1] He sits on the Council of Brilliance but he does not head it.[2] However, Dominic's has much more power than his official position would suggest. The darklord's power is domination of the mind of other people on a prodigious scale. A great many in the land, including its recognized head[3], are his obedients and through this network he knows whatever goes on in his land.[4]

Like all darklords, Dominic is not without a curse. His personal curse is that any woman he woos sees him as more repulsive the more he is attracted to her.[5][6] Also, for some time his rule is challenged by an entity who is called (and virtually is) the Living Brain, the last remains of Rudolph von Aubrecker, the youngest son of Lamordia's political ruler.[7]


Dominic was born in Mordentshire in 700 BC.[8] He is the son of Ernestine Pasier and Claude d'Honaire, grandson of Dr. Germain d'Honaire and Alicia Corgiat, , and half-brother of Julienne d'Honaire and another d'Honaire person of unspecified name or gender. With his first wife Louise Pecquet, he sired Dominic d'Honaire II and three other children. With Louise Girod, Dominic d'Honaire sired a single child.[9] That child's name is Germain d'Honaire. Although only about a decade old, he also has already been referred to "heir" [10]

Almost unnaturally intelligent and manipulative as a child, Dominic began a life of manipulation and subterfuge early in life. In the first few years of his life, Dominic caused plenty of chaos and woe just for the fun of it. His evil in Mordent culminated with the suicide of his nanny; Dominic had pushed her over the edge of sanity. The investigation of the affair spooked Dominic, and he manipulated his father into leaving Mordent. As his family left, they entered Dementlieu, Domnic's new domain.[11]

After entering Dementlieu, Dominic turned his talents to politics, using adults as his puppets. Reaching adulthood, he uses his talents (and his newly discovered domination abilities) to secure a position of power for himself not as the official ruler of Dementlieu but rather as chief adviser, member of the Council of Brilliance, and secret puppet master. At the same time, he discovered his curse: to repulse every woman he became attracted to. This curse makes it impossible even for his vaunted mind control to contradict.[12]

Character Evolution And Discrepancies

The authors of the various 2nd Edition sources universally describe Dominic as being born Evil and even imply that he was responsible for the death of his mother in childbirth. Indeed, he is called "the proverbial bad seed".[13][14][15] On the other hand, authors 3rd Edition sources have described his corruption in terms of his need for control and being spoiled without having a proper mother figure. For example, he gaslighted] his nanny because she was the only one not to completely indulge him.[16][17]


Although the Living Brain is perhaps Dominic's greatest nemesis, he is not without other enemies.Netbook-captioned.pngDonovan Kaizer, the vengeful spirit of a thieves' guildmaster assassinated upon Dominic's orders, menaces Dominic's men as he tries to rebuild his old thieves' guild.[18] The Living Brain is employing a number of mercenaries and pawns against Dominic, including Angelique Molière [19] and Jacques du Almoy[20]

The Noble Brotherhood of Assassins make a point in general to strike at the oppressors of Dementlieuse society through the use of intrigue and humilation[21] Thus, on general principle they will inevitably come to contest the domination of D'Honaire and his Obedients. However, the normally nonviolent Brotherhood has a terrible secret: their false history founder Mad Lord Kalen has left the senior members a terrible duty: to murder D'Honaire at all costs if they ever get the chance.[22]

Known Obedients


2nd Edition

Dominic was given the caster level and fighting abilities of a 7th level enchanter, but used his innate powers of suggestion and domination rather than cast spells normally.[13][14][15]

3rd Edition

Male Human, Aristocrat 10, Neutral Evil, CR 9[16][23]


Netbook-captioned.png Bard 6/Courtier 4

Other Information


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