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The Arayashka, also known as the snow wraith, is an incorporeal undead spirit of a person who has had his or her body heat drained away. The snow wraith attempts to make sure the living share its fate. As one would imagine, the snow wraith is native to domains with cold climates such as Sanguinia and Vorostokov.[1]

Homebrew Non-Canon Information

Descriptive Text

"Clever Ivan stayed in the tree, singing and throwing snowballs at the wolves while he waited for them to get bored and go away; but then the sky grew dark, and the wind began to howl, and the wolves fled into the woods, as well they might, for the zilinya neshka brings worse things than wolves with it when it comes."

-The Story of Clever Ivan and the Arayashka, traditional Vos[2]


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Snow Wraith

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