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ost travelers who end up in Ravenloft do not seek the Demiplane. They are drawn in by the clutching tendrils of the Mists. Exactly what the Mists are or how they function is unknown. It is for this reason that the folk of Ravenloft refer to the Mists in much the same way that children might speak of a bogeyman. In Ravenloft, anything unknown and threatening is generally ascribed to the Mists, whether any connection actually exists or not. When most people think of the Mists, they envision swirling clouds of white vapor that roll out of the ground to consume evildoers. This belief certainly has a great deal of merit, for the Mists of Ravenloft do appear to be the agents of the dark powers.

On the other hand, the Mists often travel to various places without any apparent cause, and even randomly abduct individuals for no obvious reason. When they do this, the Mists are as likely to affect those who are good or neutral as those who are evil. Some feel that these are merely random events: ”unpredictable and unstoppable. Others say that a grim purpose lurks behind these apparently chaotic abductions. The truth will almost certainly remain unknown until such time as the true nature of the dark powers is revealed.

”Domains of Dread p8

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