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Tools against the Darkness
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Author:  Chronische [ Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:05 am ]
Post subject:  Tools against the Darkness

Dynamite, firearms, and even something makeshift like a flour-bomb are all well and good but I mostly ask for non-combat ideas. Not weapons, but useful equipment like an early grappling gun, fake passports, hollow boot heels, or other such things.

I find the simple Kodak Camera to be astoundingly useful. Simply having pictures to reference saves enormous hassle and time - say you need to research some inscription on an ancient sarcophagus or a symbol painted in blood on the town hall's doors. Copying it into a notebook can be done, certainly, but is your character truly artistically skilled enough to take a proper copy? Do you have time to take it before the cops show up and destroy it, possibly arresting any suspicious sorts hanging around? Perhaps you take a photo of a crowd at an upper-class party - some figures you KNOW were in the crowd simply don't show up on camera.. and some do that were NOT. Such value, such utility for a single device! Of course, Kodak cameras are still both very new and very expensive, not to mention getting the film developed can take quite some time (and likely tools not at your disposal), but still!

What tool against the forces of darkness have you found most useful?

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