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Magic items in D&D next (5th edition)
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Author:  alhoon [ Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Magic items in D&D next (5th edition) ... d/20140122

According to this guide,
"Our current guidelines suggest that, for a baseline, middle-of-the-road campaign, a party of any size will find about 23 items over the course of 20 levels. So the characters in a party of four will end up with about 6 permanent items each by the time they hit level 20."

I've played with the rules for magic items and they rank way more than 23 permanent items for the party over 20 levels.
These guidelines assume that when your players are 12th lvl and fight the 4 elite bodyguards of the drow priestess and then the priestess herself, they will find a couple of magic items in total, and not like 12 permanent items from those 5 enemies alone.

Yet, that's not a problem for me. I would like a guideline that gives about 6-8 permanent items to each character and leave me to pace out the rest. I would expect that I'd give WAY MORE than 8 items (1 item / 2 lvls after 4th). Including killing higher level baddies and taking their loot to sell, I would say at least one item/character in each level in mid levels and more as the levels increase.

What do you think?

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