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Nathan Timothy
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Realm of Terror
The Evil Eye

Secrets of the Dread Realms - pp60-62
Ravenloft Third Edition - p146
Domains of Dread - p48
Ravenloft Campaign Setting: Domains and Denizens - pp31-32,87-89
The Evil Eye - pp16-21, 40-47, 63
Realm of Terror - pp112-113,p126,reference card

Realm of Terror - pp112-113
Ravenloft Campaign Setting: Domains and Denizens - p88
The Evil Eye - p63

Realm of Terror - reference card
The Evil Eye - p63

Werewolf (Monster)
Ruled Arkandale (Domain)
Travels the River Musarde (Location)
Father of Alfred Timothy (NPC)
Son of Eowin Timothy (NPC)
Married to Arabella Timothy (NPC)
Owner of the Virago (Location)
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